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With purpose. Sustainable. Simple. The Ohm Home.

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We advise to check availability on our Airbnb listing (up to date calendar) before sending your enquiry.
Minimum stay 2 nights.

Showcasing simple yet intelligent building design. The name OHM is a throwback to the meditational sound that resonates at 432 Hz, the natural frequency of the universe.

What is Ohm?

ohm home interior

Featuring at Ohm Home

Some of the companies that make Ohm great.
  • Ashley & Co
  • Novii
  • Proclima
  • Ecowindows
  • Zehnder
  • Visual Hardware
  • Window Trenz
  • Concrete Nation
  • Bose
  • Lavazza
  • Bed Threads
  • George Street Linen
Ohm Home


Ohm features a modest kitchen with induction cooktop, and convection microwave oven. We’ll even leave some milk in the fridge, tea, coffee and a few basics like pasta and cereal for no extra charge.

If the weather's fine, why not treat yourself to a toasted marshmallow on the outdoor open fire?! Due to its location, ohm makes for some spectacular star gazing!

  • Induction Cooktop
  • BBQ
  • Microwave/Oven
  • Toaster
  • Tea & Coffee
  • Basic Ingredients
Ohm Home


We have you covered with a firm yet comfortable super king mattress, natural Belgium linen, and minimalist decor to let you focus on the important things.

Ambient lighting is supplied by Buster and Punch’s award winning led’s, dimmable and class leading in efficiency.

  • Super King Bed
  • Silence
  • Darkness
  • Premium Linen
  • Bedside Plugs
  • Wardrobe
Ohm Home


Rain hail or shine, Ohm is a beautiful and calming vantage point to relax, reflect and enjoy a slower pace of life.

Though off grid, ohm is still stocked with all the basics including Wifi, cell service, TV, and washing machine. Theres also two portable bluetooth speakers to match your mood inside and out!

  • WiFi Availbale
  • Phone Booster
  • 50" Smart TV
  • Music Speakers
  • Laundry Available
  • Ensuite Bathroom

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Frequently asked Questions

Where is it?
30mins out of Taihape, its a bit of a scenic drive in. Upon booking we'll send you detailed driving instructions. Take your time and enjoy the drive, it's not uncommon to find a tractor or quad around the bend.
What should we bring?
Bring your favorite chill out food, drink and book. We'll leave you plenty of battery power in the bank to cook and enjoy yourselves whatever the weather.
Does it get cold at night?
The house typically sits around 20 degrees during the winter months with a few degrees of variance. The silent panel heater helps boost temperatures when you need it.
What's to do in the area?
Ohm is located on a no-exit public road meaning, there's only one way in and out. It also means there's almost zero public traffic making it particularly peaceful. One caveat to this is its sometimes used to move sheep and cattle. Not to worry, they'll go around you! Your welcome to walk up and down the road and we can advise you on longer walks should you wish.
Can I bring my pets?
We would prefer you left all pets behind for this trip.
Can it sleep more than two?
Although you could technically sleep on the couch, the house is not designed to sleep three.